How can you help?

Help us continue to support the wellbeing of our older population.

As a small, independent charity, we rely on the generosity of individuals, businesses, and organizations to support our services and activities, and to help us maintain the Care Hub building. Your contribution, whether through fundraising, donating or volunteering your time, will make a very real difference in the lives of older adults in our community.

How to make a difference

  • Become a Donor: One-off donations or regular monthly contributions, no matter how big or small, will help us continue to provide essential services and support to senior citizens in our community. Every donation makes a meaningful impact and allows us to reach more people.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: At Kingsbridge Care Hub, volunteers play a crucial role in helping us fulfil our mission of supporting and empowering seniors. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available, including:
  • Home Support Assistant: As a home support volunteer, you can provide companionship and assistance with daily activities for seniors who may need extra support. This can include visiting clients in their homes, taking them on outings, helping with meal preparation, running errands, and providing emotional support.
  • Social Activities: You can volunteer to facilitate some of our social networking and recreational activities for seniors, such as helping with coffee mornings, supporting group activities or exercise classes, or accompanying group outings. We are always open to ideas to help reduce social isolation, and your creativity and enthusiasm can make a real difference in reducing loneliness amongst older adults.
  • Administrative Support: You can offer your administrative skills by volunteering to assist with office tasks such as data entry, answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, and managing paperwork. Your organizational skills can help us run our services more efficiently and effectively.
  • Outreach and Advocacy: You can volunteer to raise awareness about the issues faced by seniors and advocate for their rights and well-being. This can involve participating in community outreach efforts, engaging with local policymakers, and spreading the word about the importance of supporting older adults in our community.

Donate to help

Fundraising Opportunities

As a small, independent charity we receive no central government or local authority funding and, therefore, rely on the generosity of donors and fundraisers to finance many of our activities and services. Here are some ways you can help us fundraise:

  • Organize Events: You can organize fundraising events in your local community, such as charity walks, sponsored runs, bake sales, or other creative events. We will help to advertise your even on our website and social media platforms to raise awareness and encourage people to sponsor you. Invite your friends, family, and neighbour to join your event and have fun whilst raising funds to support our Care Hub services.¬†
  • Corporate Sponsorship: Local businesses and organizations might wish to explore corporate sponsorship or staff volunteering opportunities. These initiatives¬† can not only provide positive PR and marketing opportunities, but also link in with staff enrichment programmes, whilst supporting a worthy cause.¬†
  • Legacy Giving: You may wish to consider leaving a legacy gift to us in your will. We can put you in touch with a solicitor who can help you set this up.